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Our Vision

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is driven by the vision of Dubai becoming the global Aviation Capital, contributing to prosperity and enabling growth for Dubai.

Our Mission

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is committed to support the aviation sector in:

  1. Capturing the full value potential as a global passenger, tourism, trade, cargo and logistic hub.
  2. Providing the capacity, connectivity and leverage of existing assets to meet the aviation and economic growth plans.
  3. Ensuring sustainable and responsible growth, committed to safety, health, environment and security.
  4. Providing and creating customer - focused services to gain competitive advantage from innovation, knowledge and efficiency.
  5. Building and retaining capabilities, for the aviation sector, while offering career opportunities for Nationals.
  6. Ensuring a transparent, effective and commercially balanced regulatory framework that reflects the interests of the aviation industry, Dubai and the UAE.
  7. Providing efficient and cost effective services to the aviation sector.

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