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Air Transport and International Affairs Department

Air Transport Section

Air Transport Section has a responsibility to ensure development of air transport in Dubai, in keeping with the policy of the government. It also plays a key role, in effectively dealing with changing aviation environment and preparing to administer the changes with the objective of sustaining, ‘Hub Status’ for Dubai.

This section manages landing approvals, at both Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International (DWC), in conformity with Air Service Agreement.

International Affairs Section

The International Affairs Section plays a key role by preparing ground work for conducting negotiations for Air Services Agreements, by establishing links with other states and provides a necessary platform for the successful implementation, of an international air transport system.

The section also serves as a point of contact for international and national aviation authorities and looks after aero-political rights of Dubai.

Standards and Regulations Department

Airport Certification Section

Airport Certification Section is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance of Design, Construction and Operations in all civil airports in the Emirate of Dubai.

Aviation Regulations and Safety Section

Aviation Regulations and Safety Section is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and auditing the aviation safety standards and performance within the aviation sector of Dubai, and producing, supervising and maintain the Dubai Civil Aviation Policy.

Environment and Obstacle Control Section

Environment and Obstacle Control Section is responsible for the coordination of Environmental Policy of Dubai Aviation Sector and control of obstacles within the airspace of the Emirate of Dubai.

Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Department

Aviation Security Section

The Aviation Security Section is responsible for ensuring, through a process of Inspections and Audits, which the security processes at each of Dubai’s Airports Comply with International and National Standards. The Section reviews and accepts Aircraft Operator Security Programmes of new and current operators that fly into Dubai’s airports. The Section also reviews and accepts the Airport Security Program of both Dubai International and Al Maktoum International airports.

Accident Investigation Section

The Accident Investigation Section is responsible for ensuring that accidents and incidents, involving damage to aircraft or injuries to people, are investigated and reported upon with a view to ensuring corrective actions and non-repetitions.

Dangerous Goods Section

The Dangerous Goods Section is responsible for the approval process of applications by aircraft operators to carry Dangerous Goods into or through Dubai airports. The Section carries out regular inspections of Dangerous Goods storage facilities and handling processes, in order to ensure compliance with Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Corporate Support Department

Administration Affairs and Finance Section

Administration Affairs and Finance Section functions includes Office Administration, Purchasing, Budgeting, Revenue billing and cash collection, disbursement of payments, banking, Management Information Reporting and Inventory of Stock and Fixed Assets. It initiates and implements financial discipline through budgeting and financial control systems and procedures to achieve excellent performance, cost effective utilization of resources. Ensure effective implementation of all applicable laws,rules, regulations, standards and policies in the financial procedures of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

The section also does the preparation, compilation and final submission of the yearly Fiscal Budget of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. Also, the section does the finalization of the yearly accounts and prepares the Financial Statements of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and submits to the Department of Finance, Government of Dubai.

The Administration affairs & Finance Sections aims to provide maximum value adding services to all the stakeholders of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority for the achievement its vision of “Dubai to become the Global Aviation Capital contributing to the prosperity and enabling growth for Dubai”

Human Resources Section

Human Resources Section is a support team of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority’s for the achievement of principles, vision and mission. The section is committed to provide high quality services and Support for Employment, Training, Employee Relations, Benefits & Compensation and Safety, beyond the expectations of employees, enabling them to deliver efficient services. Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Job evaluation, Allocation of available Manpower Resources across the organization are also the responsibility of HR Section. Also retains staff, providing career development and potential leadership opportunities to build the future of DCAA.

Information Technology Section

Information Technology section is mainly responsible for managing and providing hardware and software maintenance, trainings and consultation. IT provides recommendations about future planning and development of resources as well. In addition, it initiates and implements improvements in all areas of IT responsibility.

Corporate Communication Section

Corporate Communication Section plays a role in highlighting the imminent position of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority regionally & internationally. The tasks of this section is communicating with its strategic partners, governmental departments and customers. Moreover, this section provides public relation services to delegates and guests, enhances the national, regional and international community initiatives, organizes and manages international conferences, participates in official, national and societal forums and festivities, and communicates with all media.

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