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Privacy Policy

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is committed to respect and protect the privacy of personal and/or corporate information. DCAA also recognises its obligation to secure such information. In this regard, DCAA will protect its customer’s privacy, whether they browse for information or conduct business electronically. This statement is intended to share and explain the information management practices relating to the DCAA website.

Personal and/or corporate information is made available only to the DCAA employees who are authorised to have access to such information in the performance of their official duties. Access will be given only to authorised personnel who provide services consistent with interactions with the DCAA site. The user information will not be shared, sold, or transferred to any third party without prior consent.

Personal and/or corporate information may be shared amongst the Government Institutions, when required by law.

The activities relating to the use of information and/or data is governed by the provisions of the United Arab Emirates Constitution, United Arab Emirates Penal Code, UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2006 on the Prevention of Information Technology Crimes (PITC Law) and the Electronic Transaction and Commerce Law No. 2 of 2002 of the Emirate of Dubai.

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