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DCAA honours outstanding employees

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) has honoured its outstanding employees who have been selected by “Absher” initiative team, a collaborative initiative of the government and the private sector aiming to enhance the participation of national cadres in the labour market, in 2014-2015. The ceremony was attended by senior officials, including His Excellency Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation. The most distinguished employees honours were presented in several categories, including; 1- Employees holding a variety of specialised Diploma, Bachelor and MBA programmes to develop carry on with the tremendous growth in the civil aviation sector. 2- Employees who have been working for more than 20 or 30 years. 3-Employees receiving an absolute majority of votes from the Commission staff on the distinguished staff award. A collaborative initiative of the government and the private sector, Absher aims to create more job opportunities for UAE nationals and attract them towards private sector employment. The initiative falls under the strategic framework of the UAE Vision 2021 to promote overall competitiveness in the UAE, a key pillar of which is to enhance the skills and participation of UAE citizens in the labour market.

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