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CIRO Extends Invitation to Emirati Young Genius Adeeb Al Blushi

On a special invitation extended by the Head of the University of Korea for Robotic Research (CIRO), the young Emirati genius inventor Adeeb Al Blushi attended a scientific business trip to Korea to discuss a number of specialized topics, in an effort to come out with scientific and innovative development solutions. Within this framework, His Excellency Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, DCAA Director General, bade farewell to Al Blushi and his family at al Majlis Hall in Dubai International Airport. He was accompanied by a number of DCAA managers, including Mr. Saood Kankazar, Director of Air Transport and International Affairs, Ahmad Al Zarouni, Public Relations Manager, Nasser Al Najjar, Director of Information Technology and Balqees Al Junaibi, Media Manager. Ahli said: “The DCAA continually seeks to provide support for distinguished personalities, and those who make effective contributions. Adeeb Al Blushi is one of these distinguished personalities and he represents the promising generations of inventors and scientists, who will contribute to boosting the development and glory of the UAE. We as individuals and as members of DCAA and state institutions and departments must capitalise on the keenness of our leadership in supporting this distinguished category of people by virtue of their researches and inventions, which contribute to the welfare of the nation, members of the society and the world at large.” “My visit to Korea comes courtesy of a special invitation, and aims at discussing and implementing ideas. My visit to CIRO is the first of a kind in the history of this university, which only admits specialist and holders of Masters and Doctoral degrees. I am the first child to officially visit this grand university, and I look forward to it,” said Blushi. Adeeb Al Blushi is the first Emirati child to join in the CNN top 8 list of world genius children. It is noteworthy that His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, has given special attention and care to the young Emirati genius inventor Adeeb Al Blushi, with the aim to engage him in scientific circles to meet with the scientists, specialists and experts of the most scientifically advanced countries in the world, with the aim to reach the highest creative and innovative levels.

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